Shug McGaughey, Hall of Fame Trainer and 2013 Kentucky Derby Winner


“I’m a fan of StallWatch. We are able to monitor our barns from anywhere!”

Josh Lyons


“The StallWatch system gives us an added layer of protection and the ability to keep a watchful eye on our top horses around the clock”

Brian Welman, of Brian Welman Training Center


“I love being able to monitor my barn and horses whenever I want or go back in my history and see what happened in the barn. The portability of the system and ease of set-up at shows makes it a definite asset to my operation.”

Debbie Stephens


“There are a thousand reasons why this company has been long coming…everyone should have this as an asset to keeping their valuable and beloved horses safe.”

Marc Guilfoil, Deputy Executive Director of the Kentucky Race Horse Commission.


“It is one of the better tools in the toolbox…The safety and welfare of the horses-—that’s what we’re here for.”

Michael Matz, Olympic Silver Medalist in Show Jumping who was inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame.


“A couple times we looked at the camera and there were some people out in front of the stall that we didn’t know,…When I talked to the grooms they said they were just people who wanted to see him (Union Rags). It helps that we can always monitor who’s in the barn and who’s not in the barn. It’s a great situation for us.” said Michael Matz.

Starnes Quarter Horses


“We love our StallWatch System”

Diane Carney USEF R Licensed Official, Telluride Farm


“I have installed a system in my aisle at the farm and I have a system to go on the road,..Service has been excellent and as important is the 24/7 view of my horses, my customers’ horses and equipment. It is a great addition to the great care Telluride provides.”

Eric Wing, New York Racing Association Director of Communications and Media Relations.


“The New York Racing Association utilized StallWatch at the Belmont Stakes and again at the 150th anniversary season at Saratoga Race Course,….The safety of the horses is of the utmost importance to us.”

Heeley Pleasure Horses


“It gives us peace of mind!”

Griggs Quarter Horses


“Our horses are safe with StallWatch”

louise stallwatch

Louise Serio


“StallWatch makes me feel the horses are much safer knowing I can monitor them whenever I want. I love the system, it’s an asset to my operation.”