Reserve Your StallWatch System for Upcoming Fall and Winter Show Seasons

Reserve Your StallWatch System for Upcoming Fall and Winter Show Seasons
Written by: Carrie Wirth
Client: StallWatch
Release Date: 2013-08-05
Wellington, FL- August 5, 2013- Whether your show plans take you to The Reichert Celebration, AQHA World and AQHA Congress or you plan an extended stay in Wellington, FL, for the Winter Equestrian Festival, keep your horses safe at the show with the StallWatch portable surveillance system.


StallWatch is the only portable surveillance system specifically developed for the equestrian world that allows you to monitor your horses, tack, equipment and barn area 24/7 on your smart phone, tablet or personal computer while you’re at home or at the show.


StallWatch has developed affordable seasonal rentals specifically tailored to busy AQHA and hunter/jumper competitors, trainers, owners and stable managers. Top horsemen in all disciplines, including the show and horse racing worlds, are singing the praises of their StallWatch systems. StallWatch clients enjoy not only the convenience, but also the peace of mind the system provides.


Kristy Starnes of Starnes Quarter Horses says, “We love our StallWatch system.”


“I have installed a system in my aisle at the farm and I have a system to go on the road, “ said Diane Carney of Telluride. “Service has been excellent and as important is the 24/7 view of my horses, my customers’ horses and equipment. It is a great addition to the great care Telluride provides.”


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About StallWatch
StallWatch is a portable video surveillance service for remotely viewing and recording horses in their stalls at the show, competition or at the home barn. StallWatchuses network enabled wireless cameras to provide customers with round-the-clock viewing and recording from their personal computers and mobile devices through the 3G cellular connection.


StallWatch clients read like a “who’s who” of the horse world. Riders and trainers like McLain Ward, Margie Engle, Debbie Stephens, Ivan Rakowsky, Diane Carney, Starnes Quarter Horses, Heeley Pleasure Horses, Griggs Quarter Horses, top reiner Josh Lyons, Michael Matz, Shug McGaughey, and organizations like the Kentucky Racing Commission, the New York Racing Association and the New York State Gaming Commission have discovered the benefits of StallWatch. The system is both practical and affordable and available now for the average horse enthusiast.


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