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The StallWatch kit is a completely portable video surveillance system created specifically for horses.  This company was founded in the mind of a horse trainer who saw a need for a camera system that could easily be moved from stall to stall or location to location and allow remote viewing on a smartphone or tablet.


There are plenty of security systems available that allow remote viewing.  However, these systems require high speed Internet, permanently wired cameras and DVR equipment for any video storage.   Our trainer, Christina “Creedy” Fiore , saw a need for a camera system that could be used in horse show environments, and other temporary locations where high speed Internet and permanent installations aren’t possible.



Pictured: Christina “Creedy” Fiore

How many times have you felt compelled to stay close to the barn (or right outside a stall) because you think a horse is about to foal or showing signs of colic?  Perhaps you have arrived at the barn in the morning only to find a swollen hock or lacerated eyelid?  How much time could you save and mysteries could you solve if only you had cameras that gave you an eye in the barn at any given time?


With modern technology, this concept seemed fairly simple.  However, we soon learned that the only method of portable wireless Internet service is via cellular networks.  Cellular networks are not designed to support 24/7 streaming video.  In addition to this, security cameras are not designed to send data through the Internet “tunnel” offered by 3 and 4G networks.


StallWatch is the only company that provides portable, affordable video surveillance service for the equine industry.







After 3 years of trial and error, over one million dollars in developing software and creating a partnership with Verizon Wireless, our concept became reality.  As you probably well know, purchasing a horse is the smallest part of your investment.  In the same way, purchasing our equipment is just the tip of the iceberg in the system that we offer.   This is why we don’t sell our equipment, instead, we offer a service which includes all equipment, Internet connection for the cameras, 30 days of stored video on each camera, and free apps for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, as well as computer and laptop viewing.  You can share your specific passwords with as many people as you like and when you call our tech support number, you will speak to a real person who will resolve your problem or replace your equipment.


StallWatch is a completely plug and play system that will give you eyes in the barns.  Security cameras don’t blink and the captured video cannot be debated.  You can’t purchase peace of mind, but with StallWatch, you can rent it.



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