New Portable Technology, StallWatch, Provides Horse Owners With Peace of Mind Via an “Eye in the Sky”

November 29, 2012
By: Brittany Bevis
mobile3If you took a walk around the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds during the 2012 AQHA World Show, you may have noticed a few black boxes, emblazoned with the StallWatch logo, that were plugged into nearby power outlets. What that tiny black box contains is a new type of technology that is providing horse trainers and owners with the much needed peace of mind that their millions of dollars worth of horses are safe and secure 24/7.


To describe StallWatch as just another “stall camera” wouldn’t nearly do it justice. This new system, which has been nearly three years in the making, is a completely wireless and portable video surveillance program that utilizes a 3G phone signal to wirelessly stream live video to a customer’s private account.


The StallWatch service has only been offered since February of this year and has been isolated to the hunter-jumper circuits and race tracks. However, with their western discipline debut at the All American Quarter Horse Congress and AQHA World Show, this new company is quickly gaining a loyal following.


And who is StallWatch watching you might ask? Their current customers include Ty and Karen Hornick, Butch and Patty Campbell, Robin and Murray Griggs, Rusty Green Show Horses, and HighPoint Performance Horses, just to name a few. Also utilizing this new technology is race horse trainer, Michael Matz, who used the system to track one of the favorites for the recent Triple Crown, Union Rags. Matz was also the trainer of the legendary Barbaro.


We spoke with Darla Duncan of StallWatch to get a little more insight into this new technology.


“We spent three years creating, developing, and testing the product,” Duncan says. “We only started offering the service in February of this year. We began marketing the product at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL. My first show outside the disciplines of hunters, jumpers, and the race track was the Quarter Horse

Congress this year.”

“We are currently working with Evan Kaplow and Kaplow Insurance, as well as JR Reichert and Reichert Ventures to promote and market our product. We will definitely have a presence at many of the top shows in the western disciplines in 2013.”


Not only is Kaplow Insurance a proponent of this new technology, Evan Kaplow informed us that his company will be offering special discounts to their customers who choose to safeguard their horses with the StallWatch system.


One of the major benefits of StallWatch is that, unlike other stall camera systems, it is completely wireless and has been designed to be set up and taken down within 15 minutes or less. Because of its portability, this makes StallWatch the perfect barn accessory for those on the busy horse show circuit. Whether you want to keep an eye on your horses from the comfort of your hotel room, have a sick horse you want to monitor while you’re ringside, or want an eye in the sky to guard against tack room theft, StallWatch fulfills many needs.


“The only thing the customer needs to provide is power!” Duncan says. “Once the cameras and the router [black box] are plugged into a regular electrical outlet, the video is wirelessly streamed utilizing a 3G phone signal. This video connects to our Cloud based servers, and then can be viewed by customers via our website or by our apps available on the Android Market and iTunes for their phones or tablets.”


“With the other systems on the market, you must ‘hard wire’ the cameras into your barn and permanently place them. You must also provide a source of high speed Internet if you want to remotely view the camera, or run a cable from your barn to your home. With our system, the camera comes with the Internet connection, and it can wirelessly connect to the router. Thus, our system can easily be moved around. We also send the video to the Internet, where it can be viewed from anywhere at anytime. And, we store a seven day loop of video on each camera. This can be accessed at any time by the user.”


Once you’ve plugged your “black box” router into an electrical outlet and placed your cameras in the direction you want to record, the program is ready to go. The live video that is recorded by the cameras can be viewed from any computer by going to the StallWatch website and using your private login information. The video feed can also be accessed at any time on an iPad or by using one of the company’s smart phone applications.


“We can store up to a 60 day loop on each camera,” she says. “The video can be accessed at any time on the phone apps, iPad, or any computer through our website. The video can be streamed continuously, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There are not any limitations to how long the kit can run. Some users have the cameras at home, and they’ve been running non-stop for over two years.”


Each router system comes with only four cameras, because the 3G Internet connection limits how much live video can be streamed simultaneously. However, StallWatch can combine multiple kits into one account if you would like to have more cameras at your disposal.


Because the systems are specifically programmed to only connect to StallWatch’s Cloud based servers, the systems are not sold outright. There is a monthly fee based on the amount of time you would like to keep the system.


“The monthly fee is recurring, because we are continuously providing the Internet connection, streaming the video across the Internet, and we are storing the video. We also maintain our system and provide customer service. We make sure that your equipment is functioning properly or we replace it. At this time, we offer contracts with pricing based on length of term. The shortest term is one year.”


For more information and pricing details about this revolutionary technology, you can visit the StallWatch website by clicking here.

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