Can I purchase the Equipment?
No, we do not sell the equipment. The service that we offer includes the wireless Internet connection for the cameras with unlimited data for 24/7 streaming. It also includes a stored 30-day loop of video on our cloud-based servers, free viewing software and free apps for viewing on iPhone, iPad, and Android smart phones. If your equipment malfunctions, we replace it.


Our tech support is available 7 days a week to ensure your equipment functions properly. Without our software, the management of our software, our servers and Internet connection, the cameras would be useless. Thus we give you the equipment necessary for you to view the live and recorded video.

I don’t have Internet in my barn, will this still work?
Yes, we provide the wireless Internet connection for you.  Our service provider is Verizon wireless, so as long as you are located in a Verizon coverage area, the cameras will connect to the Internet.
My house is more than 100 feet from my barn, will this still work?
Yes, because we stream the video directly to our cloud based servers, you can view the video from anywhere and you are not restricted to a certain distance from the kit.
My phone is AT&T or Sprint; can I still view the cameras?
Yes, it does not matter how you connect to the Internet on your devices.  We only use Verizon for the camera’s connection to the Internet.
Can the cameras be placed outside?
The cameras cannot be in direct rain or snow.  They are indoor cameras, but are fine in open barns with humidity and summer/winter temperatures.
Do the cameras have night vision?
No, but they do have small lights that can be controlled via your computer or phones.  Night vision cameras typically require permanent installation and are not wireless.
Do the cameras have sound?
No, the sound has been disabled on our cameras because they are portable.  It is illegal to record a private conversation in a public place (horse show environment).
If I have a 4 camera kit, can I leave 2 cameras at home and take 2 to the horse show?
No, the cameras must stay within 75 feet of their main box.  The cameras wirelessly connect to the box, and the router inside the box wirelessly connects to the Internet.  Without the box, the video from the camera cannot stream to the Internet.
Can I take the cameras out of the United States?
No, due to the portability factor and the use of Verizon Wireless as our Internet provider, the kits must stay within the United States.  We do not offer International data plans for streamed video.