Our Vision 
StallWatch is the leader in Portable Video Surveillance. We provide a customer-focused service to help businesses of all kinds that work in multiple and temporary locations stay safe, secure and healthy.

Our Mission 
StallWatch is the only company that provides portable, affordable video surveillance service for the equine industry. We work with customers who are passionate about horses and are driven to deliver the best care, whether their horses are high-profile athletes or beloved backyard pets. StallWatch strives for customer excellence and client peace of mind as we help them create safer, more secure and healthier environments for horses.

You have made the investment in your horses’ training, care and feeding. Now you can have the easy-to-install barn camera system by StallWatch to monitor the safety and well being of your investment.

Leveraging wireless Internet access through 3G networks, the StallWatch system goes where you need it without having to worry about ‘hardwired’ Internet connections. Take it with you on the road to have immediate access to view your stalls from ringside or from your hotel room.  


Access real time video of your horses at any time, anywhere...

Use your computer, laptop or smart phone to access live video of your horse or barn around the clock.  StallWatch provides you the tools and services needed to monitor your investment.

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       All orders will ship within 36 hours of payment method being processed